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March for Truth Seattle

A woman in braided pigtails and hiking boots steps onto an outdoor stage, face resolute, guitar in hand. She begins to sing. The crowd snaps to attention.  Their protest signs and impassioned conversations are momentarily put on hold. Her songs speak directly to the spirit of a resistance movement that is working night and day to turn back the looming reality of American authoritarianism. The crowd is captivated, uplifted, and validated in the courage of their convictions.  She inspires all who listen to continue the fight.

Such is the power of singer songwriter and activist Tae Phoenix.

Prior to the election of 2016, Tae Phoenix worked full time as a singer/songwriter and actress. As a Jewish Latina with a disability, she believed herself to be at least somewhat aware of intersectionality and the unresolved wounds of classism, white supremacy, and patriarchy that lurk beneath the American origin story; but after Donald Trump’s upset win, Tae realized she’d only had one eye open.

“It’s not that I didn’t believe my friends when they told me what their experiences were like, or that I wasn’t aware of systemic racism,” Phoenix says, “I just didn’t realize just how many people were invested in keeping the system the way it was; including myself. I’m not proud that it took a white supremacist demagogue stealing the presidency for me to wake up to the ongoing American investment in systemic racism; but now that I’m aware, I’m going to use every talent and resource at my disposal to spread the word.”



music reviews

“A natural-born storyteller with the polish of an accomplished actress and the authentic edge of a seasoned musician.” – Seattle Weekly

“Without a doubt, Tae Phoenix will be the one that future artists look to when starting their music careers.” – Guerrilla Candy

“Damn this is great great stuff. Tae has a beautiful voice and stage presence.” – Nadamucho.com

“Brilliantly masterful….those who attend a Tae Phoenix show are inescapably charmed.” – Jivewired Journal

“Supremely talented, eloquent and sassy.” – David Durant, Brooklands Radio London

Theatrical Reviews
Kiss Me Kate • 2017

Kiss Me Kate • Seattle Musical Theatre • 2017

“Tae Phoenix’s brassy Lilli Vanessi was the most sympathetic and dimensional character, and she has impressive vocal range.” – Broadway World

“Phoenix and Cook had the audience wrapped up.” – Shoreline Area News

Sings the Hits • Theatre 22 • 2017

“Tae Phoenix perfectly captures the mixture of confidence and self-consciousness the modern public have come to expect in the wildly famous. Her character, Melanie Wheeler, is exactly how you’ve always dreamed your favorite singer would be in person, tough but compassionate, deeply proud of their art and even more deeply touched that you love it so much. Additionally, her powerful voice swept me up until I felt like I was at a bona fide concert.” – Drama in the Hood

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