Tae Phoenix

We are rising


Tae Phoenix

We are rising




My name is Tae Phoenix and I am an activist performer. I want everyone to know that freedom is not a zero-sum game. Our nation can only be truly free when we end all forms of oppression and respect the rights and inherent worth of every human being.

That’s why I’m using original protest music to activate people across the country to resist Donald Trump’s authoritarian and white supremacist agenda and reclaim our government this November and beyond.

We Shall Not Be Moved

We Shall Not Be Moved is a music video project designed to help get out the vote ahead of the 2018 midterm election.

Countdown to Election Day








Flippable Districts

Seats Needed

A better world is our birthright

We are in this together.
You are not alone.

We are the spark of hope that
no one can extinguish.

When words aren’t enough,
we will sing together.

We will raise our voices
until everyone is free.