Tae Phoenix

We are rising

Tae Phoenix

We are rising


My name is Tae Phoenix and I am an activist performer. I want everyone to know that freedom is not a zero-sum game. Our nation can only be truly free when we end all forms of oppression and respect the rights and inherent worth of every human being.

That’s why I’m using original protest music to activate people across the country to resist Donald Trump’s authoritarian and white supremacist agenda and reclaim our government.

Urgent: Stop the Wisconsin GOP from Stealing the 2020 Presidential Election Tomorrow

If the 2020 Presidential Election were held today, it would come down to Wisconsin. Why are we not paying attention to this?

Accusations of Anti-Semitism in the Women’s March are Ludicrous

I am a Jewish woman and I say that we need to put this mishigas to rest once and for all.

Want to stand up for immigrants? Three things you can do in the Seattle area this week.

This is an all-hands-on-deck human rights emergency. What you do this week will be your answer to the question “what would I have done when the Nazis came for the Jews?”

This week has been brutal. Five things you can do to support your activist friends when you’re not the protesting type.

Not everyone is a "get in the streets" and "get arrested" type of person, and it truly does take all kinds of people to make a movement function. If you've got some activist loved ones in your life, here are some things you can do for us that would be really...

Five ways to avoid burnout and make resistance sustainable

As we round the corner into the 18th month of Donald Trump's so-called presidency, the resistance is burned out. We've been working hard since before the 2016 election to avert catastrophe and the constant barrage of scandal and cruelty is starting to feel normal....

What happens in Seattle if Trump fires Mueller?

What you need to know to be ready.

Unbearable whiteness: the trap of perfectionism in anti-racist work

This is the ultimate trap of whiteness; to be able to withdraw from the struggle for justice because you can’t tolerate the shame and ickyness you feel when faced with moral ambiguity and your own flaws.

Why narcissists go fascist: how Trump helped me connect the dots between attachment theory and authoritarianism

The 14 warning signs of fascism can all be thought of through the lens of defense mechanisms against vulnerability.

A better world is our birthright

We are in this together.
You are not alone.

We are the spark of hope that
no one can extinguish.

When words aren’t enough,
we will sing together.

We will raise our voices
until everyone is free.