79afcf501029cf3ab271ff30f2332ddbA couple of weeks ago, I had a truly enjoyable interview with Greek pop music blogger John Vlachogiannis. He writes for Poping Cherry (yes, one “p”, not two). He asked some really terrific questions that made me think carefully. I love it when writers do that. Here’s an excerpt!

How can you describe your album ‘Rise’? Why did you call it that way? Can music illuminate the dark?

Rise is a collection of interconnected short stories about getting perspective on and healing from past hurts and wrongs.

I called it “Rise” because I wanted to convey a sense of both freedom and being lost. What does a balloon do when its tether breaks? It floats away. I was going for a sense of escape, of rising out of hell, and soaring off into the terrifying unknown.

Can music illuminate the dark? I can’t say for others, but music definitely illuminates my darkness. For some people, it’s good cooking, for others it’s dance. I think listening to your own creativity is what illuminates the dark.

You can read the rest over at Poping Cherry.

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