Anyone who grew up in Seattle can tell you that there’s a special relationship between the Emerald City and the glorious stretch of land directly to our East. I’ve spent many a summer’s day camping, riding, rock climbing, swimming, and backpacking in Cle Elum, Lake Chelan, Wenatchee, and Issaquah; so I can tell you firsthand that it is quite literally one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It’s also key to our hopes for reclaiming our government this November.

The 8th District was created in 1983 and has never been represented by a Democrat. In 2016, long-time Rep. Dave Reichert easily won re-election, even as Hillary Clinton took the Presidential race in his district by 3%. With the big blue wave of 2018 barreling down on him, Reichert has decided to retire rather than face the music. That means the 8th is ours to take.

Here’s what you can do to help:


register voters

Unregistered ellibible voters in WA-8

The 8th is home to 120,000 people who are eligible but not currently registered to vote. Registering voters usually involves tabling at farmer’s markets, festivals, and other large events. Registering voters is easy; all it takes is a willingness to listen and help people do less than a page of paperwork.

If you’d like to learn more about registering voters, the Washington Secretary of State’s office has a great guide that you can download here.

Phone Bank

phone banks, trainings and canvasses listed on the wa democrats' website

Phone banking involves calling voters from home, so you can do it from anywhere. Phone bankers help candidates research the issues that voters care about and get their pledges to vote in November. It also helps clean up voter information from the last election cycle, so we’re not working from out-of-date information as we get closer to November.

If you’d like to do some phone banking, check out this list of upcoming phone banking and canvassing events organized by the Washington State Democrats.


registered WA-08 voters who did not vote in the 2016 election

Canvassing teams will be walking the district throughout the summer and into the fall. Canvassing involves knocking on the doors of pre-screened likely Democratic voters, reminding them that there’s an election coming up, getting them to promise to vote, and giving them information about the candidates and issues. Canvassers get about one voter to the polls for every twelve doors they knock on, and a team of canvassers can cover hundreds of doors in just a few hours.

If you’d like to help canvas, check out this list of upcoming phone banking and canvassing events organized by the Washington State Democrats.

Tell your Story

people in Wa-08 recieving ACA benefits

We give our fellow Americans a gift when we talk about what the election means to us and learn what it means to them, so don’t be afraid to get personal when you talk to people. It’s good to put a human face on policy issues that can otherwise seem dry and impersonal.

I’ve had a lot of success talking about how the essential mental health care benefits required by the Affordable Care Act saved my life.

sign up to Help Swingleft

Raised for the WA-08 Democratic Primary Winner

average number of doors a swingleft canvasser needs to knock on to turn out one vote

SwingLeft is a grassroots organization that is raising money to flip Congress this November. Their approach is to stay above the fray in the Democratic primaries while raising a pot of money for the campaign of the eventual winner. In many places, Democratic rivals for the nomination are joining forces to raise money for SwingLeft, knowing that the eventual winner will need that support when they cross the finish line.

Will you help SwingLeft flip the 8th District this November?

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