It seems like everywhere you turn on social media, you find folks giddily posting stories about another White House scandal or a Republican incumbent deciding not to run for re-election. Combine that with the rapidly plummeting poll numbers facing Republicans nationwide and it seems like the November midterm is all but in the bag.

Not so fast, say researchers at the Brennan Center for Justice. Despite the growing unpopularity of the Republican Party, Democrats are facing an uphill battle thanks to gerrymandering.

Countdown to Election Day








A new report from the Center says that we would need an 11 point shift in the national popular vote for congressional districts in order to reclaim our government. That’s a wave the likes of which we haven’t seen since the late 70’s.

I’m not sharing this to demoralized you. (When would I ever try to demoralize you?) But in demoralizing times, it is easy to soothe ourselves with false certainty and I want to prevent that. We need to rise to this challenge and fight like hell to take our country back.

If you’re in Seattle and you’d like to help out, please join me and my friends from Seattle Indivisible and Swing Left at a fundraiser this Thursday night to help us flip Washington’s 8th district.

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