Technology has changed the game when it comes to get out the vote efforts. Until recently, these highly sophisticated databases and outreach tools have only been available to organizations with money and technical skill; but the Vote With Me app has changed all that.

Vote With Me empowers everyday people to become grassroots organizers by identifying and reaching out to the people in their lives who are most likely to need a nudge to get themselves to the polls.


Here’s how it works: You install the app on your iPhone or Android device and give it permission to look at your contacts. It compares the names and contact information of the people you know to publicly available voter databases nationwide. Then it gives you an actionable list that you can use to prioritize and conduct your own voter outreach.

Within minutes of installing the app, I learned that a former colleague hadn’t voted in the last two Congressional midterms. She’s a registered Democrat and is eligible to vote in a couple of very close races. Vote With Me helped me compose a brief, professional note encouraging her to get to the polls. She thanked me for the reminder and promised me that she would vote early. I followed up with her a couple of days later and she told me that she’d voted.

People are up to 20x more likely to get to the polls if they get a reminder from someone they already know than if a stranger knocks on their door. That’s not to say that canvassing, phone banking, and text banking aren’t useful – they are – but they’re also not activities that everyone is comfortable with. Vote With Me is a great place to start for people who are dismayed at the state of our country, but uncomfortable speaking to total strangers about politics. It’s also a useful way for experienced grassroots organizers to supplement their existing get out the vote activities.


I believe in Vote With Me so strongly that I decided to partner with them on the launch of the “We Shall Not Be Moved” music video, which was a labor of love by hundreds of people that took more than a year to complete.


That’s partly because Vote With Me was built by the New Data Project – an organization founded by the former Director of the U.S. Digital Service under President Obama. I don’t know about you, but in times like these, there are very few people I trust more than Obama Administration alums.

I hope you’ll take the time to download Vote With Me and get your friends to the polls this election day. Just one vote can make all the difference.

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