If the 2020 Presidential Election were held today, it would come down to Wisconsin. The GOP lost control of the State government there last month, but that isn’t stopping them from using their “lame duck” session to forward a comprehensive voter suppression package. It will pass in less than 48 hours unless we draw national attention to this right now.

Aside from this Washington Post article, press coverage has been woefully inadequate because they moved on this Friday evening. (Because that’s when you announce things you want to bury in the news cycle.) They will vote tomorrow.

Indivisible Madison is hosting a protest about this at 5:30pm local time today. Let’s get the word out.

Also, please ask yourself:

Let’s not kid ourselves. Even with the Mueller investigation picking up steam and control of the House changing hands, democracy is hanging on by a thread. It’s entirely possible Trump (or Pence) could get four more years because of this.

We have work to do. Today.

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