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A natural-born storyteller with the polish of an accomplished actress and the authentic edge of a seasoned blues musician.

Seattle Weekly


Featured Track: “I wanna see you be brave.”

Music is the art form we turn to when we need to build bridges and make ourselves plainly understood.

In January 2020, the United States was in crisis. The president was holding vital defense support to Ukraine hostage as a means of coercing their government into investigating the son of a political rival.

My civil disobedience action inside the Senate’s Russell Rotunda – performing Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” in an area where protest is strictly forbidden – was a call on Republican Senators to join Democrats in voting to remove that corrupt president from office.

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Bio / Artist Statement

My name is Tae Phoenix and my favorite party game is “two truths and a lie.” See if you can guess which is which:

The answer is in the footer of the website.

My work is about themes that everyone can relate to on some level: rejecting conformity, embracing authenticity, and finding the connections between healing ourselves and building the world we want.

Sometimes, when I’m stuck on where a musical idea belongs, I’ll write lyrics from the perspective of a fictional character and see where that takes me. I love this approach because I tend to obsess over stories: telling them, absorbing them, analyzing them. It doesn’t really matter as long as I’m immersed. I’ve written songs that started out as screenplays and the beginnings of musicals that I originally thought were novels. It all makes me ridiculously happy.

My favorite thing about using music as a storytelling vehicle is that a well-timed and well-written song can convey a tremendous amount of information just with the placement of a quarter note rest. I learned this the first time I performed in a Sondheim show. (“Into the Woods.”) I looked at the score, thought, “wow! It’s turtles all the way down, “and never looked back.

The performing arts world is a wonderful place for many reasons, but it’s also not an easy space for me to enter. As an Autistic, I get easily overwhelmed by loud, chaotic environments like music clubs. In a people-oriented business, missing a social cue, facial expression, or change in tone of voice can have implications that aren’t always obvious in the moment. One of my goals as I work in this space is to build more inclusive and accessible spaces for “neuro-spicy” artists and our supporters.



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I Wanna See You Be Brave

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Seattle-based singer activist arrested for using music as a form of protest in the Senate’s Russell Rotunda

               Tae Phoenix arrested after performing a song to encourage senators to stand up to President Trump

January 16, 2020 |Washington, DC — Seattle-based activist singer-songwriter Tae Phoenix was arrested by Capitol police yesterday after performing Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave” in the Senate’s Russell Rotunda. Singing or engaging in any form of political demonstration in the Rotunda is illegal. Phoenix joins a long line of musicians and activists who have used singing as a form of protest, including faith leaders who in 2017 gathered at the Russell Senate Office Building to advocate for a Clean Dream Act.

Phoenix is part of a group of “Swarm the Senate” activists who are calling for the removal of President Donald Trump from office on the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress contained in the two articles of impeachment, which were delivered to the U.S. Senate yesterday by the newly-appointed impeachment managers.

“I am here to call on Republican Senators to live up to their oath to do impartial justice and uphold the Constitution,” said Phoenix. “I chose to sing ‘Brave’ because it’s going to take bravery for Republicans to stand up to Trump, but they must because he is a menace to everybody now living and all the generations to come. We have urgent issues that need to be front and center: the climate emergency, poverty, systemic racism and sexism, and chaos on the world stage. We do not have time to waste on his cruelty and corruption; to say nothing of the atmosphere of bad faith he chronically engenders. Trump must go.”

The impeachment trial is headed into its second phase this week and next, as Senators are sworn in as jurors and hear arguments from Trump’s legal team and House impeachment managers. For Trump to be removed from office, at least 22 Republicans will need to break with him and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. In that eventuality, Vice President Mike Pence would become President.

“As an artist, I have experienced firsthand the power of music to move people in unexpected ways. I chose to put myself at risk today with this action because I am certain that many Republican Senators have substantive reservations about this President, perhaps even enough to remove him from office. I thought that even the possibility that the votes could be out there called for a protest that might inspire them to come forward and be brave,” said Phoenix.

Video: https://twitter.com/myraslotnick/status/1217514378762821634?s=21


Swarm the Senate was initiated by a loose and diverse network of grassroots organizers from many movements, including Women’s March, Indivisible, Rise and Resist, March for Truth, and By The People. They hold that President Trump’s crimes against the Constitution, our democracy, our humanity, and our future make him utterly unfit to serve as President. They are committed to a nonviolent convergence in solidarity for liberation of all people and with honor and respect for the indigenous peoples whose land we walk upon.

Tae Phoenix is a Seattle-based activist-musician. She has performed at the Village Theatre, The Paramount, Safeco Field, and Key Arena and has toured nationally and internationally. Tae participated in the protests against Brett Kavanaugh in Washington, DC. She was arrested (along with hundreds of other activists from around the country) for singing “Somebody’s Hurting My Sisters” outside of Senator Joni Ernst’s (R-IA) office, in front of the Supreme Court, and in the lobby of the Hart Senate Office Building. She is active within a wide range of organizations including Indivisible, Poor People’s Campaign, Never Again Action, and Women’s March.


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