I spent the first five weeks of 2020 in Washington, DC trying to get any Republican who would listen to understand that Donald Trump is a danger to us all. Only one (Mitt Romney of Utah) listened.

On February 5, 52 Republicans voted to let Trump off the hook, and look where we are less than two months later: an incompetent, willfully corrupt response to a pandemic that will kill hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans and as many as 100 million people around the world.

This video is a bicoastal love letter from me and Dragon of The Resistance Company to all of America, especially those brave souls who uprooted our lives, went to DC, and did what we had to do.

I hope you enjoy it. I hope that you’ll share it.

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This is a cover of Sara Bareilles' "Brave" as Phoenix was playing it when she was arrested inside of the Senate's Russell Rotunda during the Remove Trump protests in January of 2020. She and Dragon met during those protests and collaborated to make this recording. Phoenix & Dragon would like to thank the Swarm the Senate / Remove Trump movements for bringing us together and inspiring us to be brave. 🎧 Download: https://taephoenix.bandcamp.com/track… ===== Lead vocals & rhythm guitar: Tae Phoenix Backing vocals, guitar, bass, percussion: Mark "Dragon" Ospovat Engineered by Maurice Jones Jr. and Mark "Dragon" Ospovat "Fire Donald J Trump (Pantaleo)" appears courtesy of The Resistance Company (copyright & protected) 🎧 Download: https://thecompanyinc.bandcamp.com/tr… Words-as-art by Alessandra Mondolfi Avery Miers Barbara Schulman Deanne English Gale Bonker Julie DeLaurier Lisa Fithian Margaret Coble Naomi Finkelstein Rabbi Me'irah Iliinsky Risa Shaw Tae Phoenix Tricia Cooke Protest footage courtesy of: TW Collins Myra Slotnick Tyna Ek David Kroman Solomon Granor Common Cause Lis Cox “Brave” by Sara Bareilles and Jack Antonoff Copyright Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Sony/ATV Tunes LLC o/b/o Tiny Bear Music, Sony/ATV Songs LLC o/b/o Ducky Donath Music, and Sony/ATV Tunes LLC Cover Release License ID: LPL308155

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