The middle weeks of a Kickstarter are always slow. The people who were excited to pledge at the beginning have already done so and most everyone else looks at the “days left” counter and thinks, “I have loads of time, I’ll get around to it.”

It takes a special, precious sort of character to be a middle giver; the kind of person who understands and wants to reassure an artist’s eternal hope that there’s enough community goodwill and support to realize the vision, to tell the story, to make the song soar.

Friends, I need you to be the middle giver you want to see in the world.

I’m confident that “The Girls You’ll Be” will fund, make a mark, and bring more people into our movement by directly relating the intimately personal to the political.

The folks at Kickstarter sure seem to agree, because we’re now officially featured as a “project we love,” and therefore destined for success – but not without you, the middle givers.

I need your help to tell the stories of the experiences that radicalized me.

I need your help to work with the artists that will make those stories so shiny that the world can’t possibly resist them.

Will you help me reach more people with the message that things don’t have to be this way – that there’s plenty we can do?

Thank you,
Tae 💖

“Free Woman” sticker by Dylan Meconis

Backers can get this as part of a enamel pin and sticker set.

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On the project blog: The story of Free Woman

“When Dr. Blasey-Ford came forward, I bought a plane ticket.”

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