The Girls You’ll Be is 77% funded.

I need your help to cross the finish line!

Friends, I spent the past five years doing two things:

  1. Working with my activist family to prevent fascism from fully stagnating in America. (Still lots to do there.)
  2. Leveling up my artistry so that I can inspire more people to do the same through music and storytelling.

I’ve sifted through hundreds of original songs and chosen five that link my deepest personal truths to the activist I’ve become. (You can listen to some home brew demos here.)

I have a brilliant production team lined up to polish these songs so beautifully that the world won’t be able to resist them.

But none of that can happen without you.

We have 11 days left in this campaign and just under $4,000 left to raise. I know we can make it happen if we work together.

Backers can get all kinds of cool thank you gifts, including:

  • A beautiful enamel pin and sticker set by Dylan Meconis
  • Handmade collages
  • A voice lesson with me

Will you help?

Thank you so much for your support! I’m so grateful for every one of you.

💖 Tae

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