It’s always easier to offer help than ask for it; but here I am asking.

The Girls You’ll Be is 77% funded.

I need your help to cross the finish line!

Friends, I spent the past five years doing two things:

  1. Working with my activist family to prevent fascism from fully stagnating in America. (Still lots to do there.)
  2. Leveling up my artistry so that I can inspire more people to do the same through music and storytelling.

I’ve sifted through hundreds of original songs and chosen five that link my deepest personal truths to the activist I’ve become. (You can listen to some home brew demos here.)

I have a brilliant production team lined up to polish these songs so beautifully that the world won’t be able to resist them.

But none of that can happen without you.

We have 11 days left in this campaign and just under $4,000 left to raise. I know we can make it happen if we work together.

Backers can get all kinds of cool thank you gifts, including:

  • A beautiful enamel pin and sticker set by Dylan Meconis
  • Handmade collages
  • A voice lesson with me

Will you help?

Thank you so much for your support! I’m so grateful for every one of you.

💖 Tae

The Middle Givers Shall Inherit the Earth

The middle weeks of a Kickstarter are always slow. The people who were excited to pledge at the beginning have already done so and most everyone else looks at the “days left” counter and thinks, “I have loads of time, I’ll get around to it.”

It takes a special, precious sort of character to be a middle giver; the kind of person who understands and wants to reassure an artist’s eternal hope that there’s enough community goodwill and support to realize the vision, to tell the story, to make the song soar.

Friends, I need you to be the middle giver you want to see in the world.

I’m confident that “The Girls You’ll Be” will fund, make a mark, and bring more people into our movement by directly relating the intimately personal to the political.

The folks at Kickstarter sure seem to agree, because we’re now officially featured as a “project we love,” and therefore destined for success – but not without you, the middle givers.

I need your help to tell the stories of the experiences that radicalized me.

I need your help to work with the artists that will make those stories so shiny that the world can’t possibly resist them.

Will you help me reach more people with the message that things don’t have to be this way – that there’s plenty we can do?

Thank you,
Tae 💖

“Free Woman” sticker by Dylan Meconis

Backers can get this as part of a enamel pin and sticker set.

See rewards »

On the project blog: The story of Free Woman

“When Dr. Blasey-Ford came forward, I bought a plane ticket.”

Read the story »

Electrical fires and crowdfunding do not mix.

I had a whole weekend of fun Kickstarter posts and musical performances planned. But instead of that, I spent much of the past several days cleaning up after an electrical fire in my studio.

When I’m on my deathbed – hopefully in a better time, many years from now – and someone asks me for life advice, I will tell them that electrical fires and crowdfunding projects don’t mix.

The words “electrical fire” make it sound like a fast-paced disaster, but this one was characterized by days of stress as outlets and gear failed mysteriously and seemingly at random and my studio became progressively less functional.

We finally opened the wall to investigate and found melted wires and plastic. Then the sparks started flying.

This is a wire nut. This wire nut is too small for the gauge of wires in my office wall. It is not supposed to be burned clean through. My friend handed this to me and said, “this is evidence someone up there likes you. It’s a miracle this house is still standing.”

I wish I were the kind of person who bounces back from stuff like this quickly, but I’m disabled and this ate up a lot of spoons. So if you’ve been meaning to become a backer, or you want to cheer me up, today is a great day to support my music.

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