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New Cover: To Make You Feel My Love

  You can get a free download of this song (and a bunch of other great free downloads) by signing up for my mailing list here: I’m going to start posting more of these covers, and what better place to start than this classic song? I’ve loved it since forever because it conveys such longing and loss, and those […]

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Photos from #Scoble50 at City Winery in Napa

Credit: Michael O'Donnell (

I have had the distinct honor of knowing the hilarious and brilliant Robert Scoble (a.k.a. Scobleizer) for a decade now. Robert and his wonderful wife Maryam threw a stunning, lively party in Napa to celebrate his 50th birthday and they invited me to sing a few songs along with Pete Stringfellow, Roem Baur, Philip Nelson, Clint […]

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Idina Menzel on Crossing Over and Breaking Out

This weekend, Broadway megastar Idina Menzel was given Billboard’s “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” award, thanks in large part to her epic hit “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen. I’m proud to say that I loved Idina before she was cool, in those years when she was trying to cross over from originating great roles in […]

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On Singing, Sierra Boggess, and Being Enough

I had a beautiful opportunity to go to New York for just one short day this week. One of my favorite performers, Sierra Boggess, is wrapping up a run in my all-time favorite musical Phantom of the Opera, and I felt a strong call to go see her perform. I’ve been aware of Sierra’s work since I […]

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A Modest Suggestion for #NMOS14 in #Seattle

**TRIGGER WARNING**  Racism, police violence. Major Update, August 14, 10:00am – last update here See the Facebook event for continued information. (click here) Major Update, August 11, 5:00pm: We’ve found a venue! When: 4pm on August 14th – with 60 seconds of silence at 4:20pm, followed by song Where: Queen Anne Baptist Church (2011 1st Ave N) […]

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On Sex Work in My City

I’m going to spend some time talking about sex work in Seattle. As a musician, I am fully invested in my community, and this is an issue that has deep implications within my community. Sex work is a complex issue, and it taps into most people’s deeply-held values on a number of topics, mine included. Before I […]

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Why I’m Subvertising Again

A few years ago, I found myself in the unfortunate position of breaking up with someone I was engaged to; and when I changed my relationship status from “engaged” to “single,” the ads got nasty. I mean really nasty. I was enraged by the way that predatory advertisers were using of social data to take advantage of […]

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On Macklemore & Musical Appropriation

I have two parallel streams of thought about Macklemore’s Grammy win last night. The first one goes something like this: This is an awesome time for Seattle! Our football team is going to the Superbowl and our musicians are winning big at the Grammys! I’m so proud of my friends Katie, Pete, and Andrew who […]

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May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

Here’s a little Christmas gift from me to you! Here’s hoping we see some snow here in Seattle to make the holiday especially cheery.

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This Fan Photo Wins Everything!


  Thanks so much to Rob Gruhl!🙂

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