We’re sending Howard Schultz a message:

Don’t you dare run for President!

Billionaire Starbucks founder Howard Schultz wants to run for President, but we don’t need yet another vanity campaign from a rich guy with no government experience.

That’s why we’re skipping Starbucks on Fridays until Schultz calls off this stupidity.

On Friday, instead of going to Starbucks, snap a selfie with a latte from an indie coffee shop (or a homemade cup of tea) and post it to social media with the hashtag #FHowardFridays.

Q: What does success look like?

A: We don’t anticipate that we’ll be able to bring all traffic in Starbucks to a standstill every Friday. What we’re aiming for is an observable decrease in Friday sales that convinces corporate leaders that Schultz’s campaign is bad for business.

Q: Why not boycott Starbucks outright?

A: Changing an entire routine is inconvenient – especially when it’s part of your workday. It’s easier to avoid Starbucks one day a week than swearing it off altogether.

If sales fall flat overall, Starbucks could blame it on the economy; but if sales decline only on Fridays, it will send our message more clearly.

Most importantly, Starbucks baristas and cashiers are hardworking people who rely on tips for their livelihood. If we called for an outright boycott, it would be potentially catastrophic for them.

Q: Isn't this harmful to Starbucks workers?

A: We ask that every participating Starbucks customer tip their baristas extra generously whenever they visit Starbucks on days other than Friday. Food service workers can barely make ends meet thanks to the policies that allow billionaires like Schultz to hoard so much money. We do not want this boycott to harm them.

Q: What if Starbucks is my only option?

A: If you order coffee at Starbucks – on Friday or any other day – give your name as “Don’t Run, Howard,” and tell the cashier that you’re hard of hearing so the barista will have to yell it loud.

If you can, film it and post it with the #FHowardFridays hashtag.

Q: You do know that Schultz is no longer CEO of Starbucks, right?

A: We are well aware that Schultz has moved on from Starbucks; but he is still the single largest shareholder of Starbucks stock.

Perhaps more impactfully, Schultz’s legacy is tied to the success of Starbucks. His image and legacy would be forever tarnished if the company he built suffered because of his vanity bid for the White House.

Q: Who are you and why are you doing this?

A: My name is Tae Phoenix and I’m a community organizer. I’m deeply concerned about the power of the super-wealthy and I want to help everyday people push back.

If you really want to know more about me, here’s my bio.

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