The Industry Says

“A natural-born storyteller with the polish of an accomplished actress and the authentic edge of a seasoned musician….Her onstage experience translates into her music as palpable emotional expression.” – Seattle Weekly

“Damn this is great great stuff. Tae has a beautiful voice and stage presence.” –

‘”‘Bound for the Deep’ is a great record from a very talented songstress…absolutely incredible vocals, you can tell she’s classically trained.” – David Durant, Brooklands Radio London

“Brilliantly masterful….those who attend a Tae Phoenix show are inescapably charmed.” – Michael Canter, Jivewired Journal

“[Outside the Lines] is phenomenal.” – Marco Collins

“Very talented.” – Cheryl Waters, KEXP

“One of the best singers I know.” – Jeff Campbell

“Without a doubt, Tae Phoenix will be the one that future artists look to when starting their music careers.” – Guerrilla Candy

“Her tremendous singing stands out consistently.” – Blues Magazine

“Damn…what a voice! A phenomenal talent.” – NWCZ Radio Tacoma

“‘Outside the Lines’ is a…true masterpiece…Tae Phoenix is not just another entertainer. She is a superb remarkable voice.” – John Vlachogiannis, Poping Cherry

“Wow! … I don’t even know what to say. That was phenomenal! ” – Marty Riemer

“Beautiful vocals…exemplifies elaborate and educated songwriting.” – Woodbangers

“Tae Phoenix is a supremely talented, eloquent and sassy chanteuse from Seattle in the USA…[She] totally blew us away with her expert piano playing and formidable vocals. ” – David Durant, Brooklands Radio London

“Her thoughts are so specific, interesting and unique! … A musical brilliance!” – John Vlachogiannis, Poping Cherry

“I was impressed, so impressed that a couple of months later her self-release, “Rise,” is still in regular rotation in the CD player in my car. Yes, her songwriting and her performance is that good. Her piano-based music is an eclectic blend of pop and rock with touches of folk, jazz and other stylings. Her lyrics are powerful, wise and moving. Phoenix can be compared to Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple, Jewel and other female vocalists noted for their balance of strength and vulnerability, yet she clearly shines with her own signature sound and talent. ” – Naughty Mickie, DaBelly Magazine

“Tae Phoenix’s lush voice and well-crafted lyrics combined with her piano prowess may have her on a path to stardom. The Seattle singer/songwriter has recently self-released her third album, “Rise,” which is wooing critics and fans alike.” – Michelle J. Mills, Pasadena Star-News

“Diverse in sound and scope, Phoenix is a much different cup of musical coffee than her fellow Seattle brethren. More indie pop and soul with modern jazz than Nirvana or Foo Fighters, Phoenix’s songs are deep and her voice booms the message across loud and clear.” – Patrick Hinkley Jr., ReviewFix

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