First Friday of every month, 11pm
$10 gen / $5 stu


1100 E. Pike St.
(11th Ave. at E. Pike St.)
Seattle, WA 98122


Spin the Bottle

Audiences of all shapes and sizes are entertained monthly by Annex Theatre’s late-night variety show, Spin the Bottle! The next chance to see it is June 6!

This month’s edition of Spin the Bottle features, in no particular order:

Experimental short loops from K. BRIAN NEEL
Futuristic noir theatre written by ANDREW LEE CREECH, directed by JEN MOON
Tremendous roots-pop singing from TAE PHOENIX
Monologues from ’12 Tongues’ performed by YANA KESALA, written by ALISSA MORTENSON TYKA and SCOTTO MOORE
Acoustic Queen covers by RICK MILLER
A newly created shadow puppet play by IMPROV SHADOWS
The a cappella stylings of SCOTTO MOORE & BRIAN KINYON
Something something something by GUDE/LAURANCE
Indelible smut by JOSEF KREBS
…and more, more, more!

Featuring our abundant host, Kate Jaeger!
Guest curated by Scotto Moore!!

Curated by Annex Theatre’s former Artistic Director Bret Fetzer, Spin the Bottle – featuring theater, music, dance, spoken word, film, and whatever else we can find – has appeared on the first Friday of every month since Sept 12, 1997.