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Dearest Darlings,

This is a secret page full of goodies just for you wonderful people who subscribe to my mailing list, supported my Kickstarter, and have otherwise been amazing during these beginning stages of my career. It’s thanks to you that I am able to keep doing what I love.

Scroll on down to get your free downloads. I hope you enjoy them!



**Free** Download of “Personally”

(click here to download)

**Exclusive** Download of “To Make You Feel My Love”

(click to download mp3)

Free Download of “Bound for the Deep”


(click to download MP3)

LIVE video & recordings from my CD release show at the Royal Room in April.

Down & Dirty Way

(click to download MP3)

Jerusalem Burning

(click to download MP3)

 Both versions of Let the Light In!


Let the Light In (click to download MP3)
Breakdown Mix (click to download MP3)

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