I had a whole weekend of fun Kickstarter posts and musical performances planned. But instead of that, I spent much of the past several days cleaning up after an electrical fire in my studio.

When I’m on my deathbed – hopefully in a better time, many years from now – and someone asks me for life advice, I will tell them that electrical fires and crowdfunding projects don’t mix.

The words “electrical fire” make it sound like a fast-paced disaster, but this one was characterized by days of stress as outlets and gear failed mysteriously and seemingly at random and my studio became progressively less functional.

We finally opened the wall to investigate and found melted wires and plastic. Then the sparks started flying.

This is a wire nut. This wire nut is too small for the gauge of wires in my office wall. It is not supposed to be burned clean through. My friend handed this to me and said, “this is evidence someone up there likes you. It’s a miracle this house is still standing.”

I wish I were the kind of person who bounces back from stuff like this quickly, but I’m disabled and this ate up a lot of spoons. So if you’ve been meaning to become a backer, or you want to cheer me up, today is a great day to support my music.

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